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Introducing night league golf.  A Competitive Night Golf League Using State of the art golf ball tracking and virtual golf course simulation technology.
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T Get the latest Reviews on the hottest gear in the industry.
from the latest club offerings,  to the most essential training aids.
or not!  Watch us as we become your personal lab rats to make sure your golf stays perfect. 
The Course Planner 

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Being A Golf Pro is the worst job ever. Were going to have to play as much golf as we can, and post our adventures here. Don't you feel sorry for us? 
Get an inside peak at the great courses that surround us. Learn how to disect these courses like a surgeon. We will show you how to strategize the toughest holes, and grind them into dust. Ok, thats our intention anyway. 
Disclaimer - All shots seen going into the rough are intentional, and for educational purposes,
... Well at least thats our excuse!
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